CSI Kerala - Heart Shorts - Webinar on 23rd May, 2021

May 8th, 2021|News

Heart Shorts - A Webinar on Dilemmas, Caveats & Controversies

Dear Friends, These months have been the ‘cruelest’ ones due to Covid and we had to postpone the ‘live’ summer conference envisaged. So, we planned to have a short scientific webinar related to Dilemmas, Caveats, and Controversies in Cardiology on May 23rd Sunday, 2021 from 10 AM to 12.30 PM, followed by a GBM. ‘Heart Shorts ‘, as we call it, is structured as a ten-piece anthology, dealing with practical issues in cardiovascular management in adults as well as in children. We anticipate an interesting and invigorating academic event where both the young and the seasoned campaigners will be addressing certain vexing issues in cardiology. Your proactive ‘presence’ and participation are solicited. Warm regards Zulfikar Ahamed For Team CSI-K